5 reasons why celebrities love vaping

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Over the past five years or so, vaping has exploded in popularity, and today millions of us have made the switch from traditional cigarettes to vapes.

Indeed, some of the world’s most recognizable celebrities have been spotted vaping, too, which has elevated the industry and made vaping more attractive to everyday folk – even those who have not smoked before.

Lindsay Lohan, Johnny Depp, Katherine Heigl, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Katy Perry are just some of the celebrities who have been spotted with vapes in their hands in recent years, so below, we thought we’d put together some of the reasons why celebrities love to vape…


It’s better for their health

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to vaping is that it’s better for your health than traditional cigarettes which are packed with tar that can cause lung and other cancers.

Research from the FDA suggests that vaping does 95% less damage than traditional tobacco – which is great for celebrities who are obsessed with their health but still want to get their smoking fix.

The main reason is that there’s no burning, and so harmful substances are not released.

For musicians like Katy Perry, vaping is important for maintaining a career.


We all know that smoking can make your voice raspy, scratchy and rough as well as decrease your singing range and cause breathiness, weaken your voice and reduce pitch and accuracy.

That’s a lot of downsides!

Vaping is considered much safer than smoking with less of an effect on your voice, which is great for singers who want to light up quickly before they take to the stage!

It’s cheaper

Okay, so this point won’t affect celebrities as much as it will us ordinary people, but we know that some of our favorite singers are frugal with their money.

Smoking is an expensive habit, and the average price of a packet of cigarettes has been increasing year on year as brands pass on taxes and falling to consumers.

Vaping, on the other hand, is considerably cheaper and allows you to get your fix without dropping $20 every couple of days.

Indeed, a single pod of e-liquid is equivalent to around two packs of cigarettes but costs just a fraction of that.


It’s natural and doesn’t smell

When you purchase e-liquid from companies such as MOTI, you can benefit from high-quality natural ingredients such as natural fruit and vegetable glycerin, which are not only much healthier than harmful toxins and chemicals but much better for your nose!

For celebrities who are always out on public appearances or meeting fans at a meet and greet, vaping means that they don’t have to worry about freshening their breath or spraying more perfume to mask the smell of cigarettes – vaping is a cleaner habit without the nasty smell.

What’s more, vaping does not cause yellowing to your teeth or fingers, which is another common side effect amongst those who smoke.

You won’t find tar, carbon monoxide, and suspended particulates in your favorite vaping liquid – the ‘enemies’ of any vain celebrity! But you will find delicious fragrances and flavors!


Nothing says glamor like someone sucking on a cigarette. Not!

We’ve all seen the memes – the truth is that smoking is a pretty dirty habit, and people who smoke often age prematurely and look unsightly when they’re lighting up.

Smoking can also be a major turn-off, which is not good news for celebrities who are trying to impress record executives or find a new date at an awards show.

Vaping is the more sophisticated way to smoke – and for celebrities who care about their appearance and the way they’re portrayed to the world – that’s important.

Perhaps one of the best things about vaping is that you can put your vape in your pocket or purse and smoke whenever you feel the need.

And as vaping is allowed in some indoor venues (particularly behind the scenes for celebrities), it’s a super convenient way to smoke.


Premium brands are attractive

Finally, a quick word on style.


One of the most exciting brands in the vaping industry is MOTI – a company that creates some of the most advanced e-cigarettes out there.

Their 6th Gen Ceramic Coil Heating Technology and an innovative Meta Tech Heating Technology mean that vapes keep a consistent temperature and heat conduction, and each drop of e-liquid can be fully vaporized for maximum flavor and benefit.

What’s more, the nicotine salt included in the company’s e-liquids offers a richer, flavorful, and more enjoyable vaping experience with a smooth nicotine hit, which is exactly what the stars are looking for when making the switch.


Even better? Their vapes double as a room air freshener too since it’s fragranced with delicious fruits and vegetables, which means that first impressions are always possible.And to round it off, a sleek design creates the ultimate must-have accessory in celebrity circles.

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