I’m still alive now thanks to vaping

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Hey fellow vapors,

Hmmm let’s see I started smoking at the age of 15 & by 20 I was a 1 pack a day guy by 30 I was smoking 2 packs a day! Then the prices skyrocketed practically over night @ around $13.00 a pack … (hear it’s about $25 for 12 now!) It was getting a bit expensive so I switched to RYO … so about 3lbs a month using the filter tube injector system. After a while my health was declining & my doctor told me that I really needed to quit or else…

I’m 55 now and been vaping for 5 years without a relapse (smoke free and my lungs are still clearing) my doctor says it will take at least a decade for them to completely heal. I still get up in the morning with flehm but it’s just my body excising the tar that was built up from years of abuse.

I’m still alive now thanks to vaping … a very close friend of mine died of lung cancer, during his last months his voice box had to be removed… RIP Alex.


Author: Liam  

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