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The Moti Piin is a disposable vape device that is available in a range of flavours and colours. With the Moti Piin there’s no need for batteries, filling, or charging. The Piin is a true puff and go pod system great for new vapers who want a fuss free system.

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  • Dimensions: Length 104.5mm Diameter 12mm
  • 1.6ml Capacity
  • Internal coil resistance 1.6Ω
  • Built in battery 320mAh
  • Nicotine Strength 2% and 5%
  • Shelf life 24 months

I don’t often review pre-filled closed pod systems as it’s something that isn’t sold within Australia, so this review is for those of you that are specifically looking for a closed pod system. The Moti Piin is an ultra compact vape that is designed for single use. I’ve reviewed a few closed pod systems, and even disposable tanks, but this is the first fully disposable pod I’ve reviewed.

The Moti Piin is the size of a small cigar 104.5mm in length with a pen type shape. There’s nothing complicated about the Piin. The internal battery is 320mAh, this doesn’t seem like a lot but, this is a low wattage pod. There  wasn’t any information on the product packaging or the website about wattage, I believe it would be around 5-10W.

Moti Piin Disposeable Pod

Each pod has 1.6ml of ejuice and will last around 380 puffs. For a moderate vaper it should last you up to three days. Once the juice or the battery run out you simply dispose of the device.The Piin has a shelf life of 24 months, if you buy some just for emergencies you can be sure they’ll still be good a year later. 

The Moti Piin has a soft feel anti slip coating, it feels comfortable to hold with its cigar like shape. A blue LED indicator lights up as you take a puff. The Piin is a draw activated device so there’s no buttons. The tapered mouthpiece is comfortable to use, and the airflow is restrictive to resemble the experience of a cigarette. Despite the low wattage, the Piin produces some nice clouds and strong flavour.

Moti Piin Disposeable Pod

The Piin comes in two nicotine levels to suit heavy smokers or regular vapers. The 5% is equivalent to a 50mg nicotine salt. This would be most suitable for heavy smokers wanting to quit or vapers that are used to such high concentrations. The 2% is equivalent to 20mg and is more suited to light to moderate smokers and vapers. With the strong concentrations you do tend to vape less and are satisfied sooner compared to a regular 3mg vape juice. 

I couldn’t find any relevant information as to the coil material or structure, but I’m pleasantly surprised by the good flavour. Definitely better than what I was expecting from a disposable pod. The Piin is available in 10 different flavours. For the purpose of this review, I tried the Menthol Tobacco, Pineapple Ice, Blueberry Parfait, Jasmine Tea, and Grape Ice. 


Moti Piin Mentol Tobacco

Menthol Tobacco: A premium menthol tobacco is reminiscent of a widely popular menthol cigarette tobacco blend.

Moti Piin Grape Ice

Grape Ice: Grape Ice is a sweet and crisp experience of freshly picked grapes with notes of juicy candy rolls and a blast of cold menthol.

Moti Piin Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea: Earthy green tea pared with lightly floral jasmine create a unique and delightfully satisfying vape.

Moti Piin Pineapple Ice

Pineapple Ice: It takes tropical pineapples frozen to the core, extracting the cold concentrated flavor to create a frigidly fruity flavor.

Moti Piin Blueberry Parfait

Blueberry Parfait: The notes of creamy yogurt topped with a layer of honey-touched granola, followed by helpings of blueberries bursting with sweet fruity flavor.

There are also six other flavours in the range:

Tropical Mango: The succulent tropical mango, bursting full of flavor, reduced down and mixed with nicotine salts creates the delectably sweet vape.

Classic Tobacco: Thick creamy custard with essence of tobacco leaf.

Banana Frost: A bushel of ripe tropical bananas are left outside on a cold winters day to make for deliciously chilled vape treat.

Mung Bean: The sweet south Asian mung beans with classic mint to create a refreshing and rare vape experience.

Yogurt Drink: The Yogurt Drink is inspired by the classic cultured milk beverage. With its refreshing flavor, and all the zing of yogurt.

Moti Piin Range

The Menthol Tobacco tastes similar to the Alpine Menthol cigarettes I used to smoke. It has a pleasant tobacco aftertaste and a nice menthol fresh hit. The Pineapple Ice was probably the sweetest of the five flavours I tried, it has a juicy pineapple flavour followed by an icy mouth feel. The Jasmine Tea has a unique flavour, there is a slight hint of ice. It’s not sweet but, you can taste the green tea and the floral flavour of the jasmine. 

The Blueberry Parfait was an interesting blend. I get a hint of blueberry with the yogurt and the honey granola on the exhale. There’s an icy cool finish with this one which tended to over power the other flavours for me, but I still did enjoy this flavour. The Grape Ice lacked the sweetness for my tastes and again I found the ice a little overpowering with this flavour. Most of the flavours were quite pleasant although they do seem to be more geared towards Eastern taste buds. 

Bottom Line

The Moti Piin is a convenient option if you’re looking for something to replace your regular vape or, if you just like the convenience of a device that you don’t have to charge or refill. The Piin is an affordable option for people wanting to give vaping a try before investing in a more expensive pod with juice. You are limited to 10 flavours, but this is more than most pre-filled pod systems. 

The flavours would be even better if there were a few popular flavours like custard and desserts or more popular fruit blends. I did find the draw more restrictive than other pods, it was much more like a cigarette style draw. The build quality is better than some pod kits I’ve tried, I like the soft touch feel of the device, it’s very lightweight and very convenient for discreet vaping. 




DESIGN 8.3/10

FLAVOUR 8.0/10





  • A wide variety of 10 flavours to choose from.
  • Attractive look and feel, with bright colours and a soft touch finish.
  • Decent 1.6ml capacity enough to keep you vaping for a whole day.
  • A convenient size and shape, ultra portable and great for travelling. Perfect size to keep in your pocket.
  • Comes in 2% (20mg) and 5% (50mg) nicotine levels so you have a choice of nicotine levels.


  • If you are buying these as an alternative to cigarettes, at $8 a pod they aren’t economical for full time use.
  • There is a wide range of flavours but, I do feel too many of them have ice. It would be great if there were icy and non icy versions of these flavours.


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