MOTI Brand Story

A decade ago, e-cigarette was too simple and dull to provide pleasant experience, which led to quitting smoking hard to insist. With an increasing number of smokers around the world, MOTI founders were eager to help people quit smoking and bring them a whole new lifestyle.

MOTI is on a mission to produce positive change with cigarette smokers in thought. The goal of MOTI is to present consumers practical yet innovative vape products. We care about the quality by sourcing premium e-liquid and materials from reliable partners. MOTI wants to not only solve vaping problems such as coil gunk, cold vapor, and bad flavors, but also innovate products to provide more fun and easy ways for consumers to have satisfying experience and better lifestyle. 

Our Product

Vape without interruption 

Quality is always the superiority of MOTI. MOTI wants consumers to enjoy their vaping without any hassle and disturbance. We carefully inspect our products before they are safely delivered to our customers' hands.  

Our Factory

Strictly Controlled Process 

Medical-grade dustless production workshop, professionally trained employees, scientifically designed assembly line, MOTI controls every step of producing the MOTI products consumers love. 

Reliable Partnership

Always Think Ahead 

We value every partner no matter of their sizes. MOTI team always think ahead for our partners wholeheartedly to provide well-around services and build long-term relationship.