MOTI Is On A Mission To Produce Positive Change With Cigarette Smokers In Thought.

MOTI is a modern present day pod cigarette alternative company based in the world famous city of Las Vegas. Through years of industry knowledge in both the vape industry and the product device engineering industry since 2010, MOTI has been able to truly create a device that many companies in the future will look at as influence and inspiration.

MOTI has watched the speed of advances in technology within the electronic cigarette industry during the last decade. MOTI was able to create and design a product that is slim yet powerful with a feel of luxury. The MOTI pre filled pods are 100% disposable after usage. The empty pods are disposable once the pods has been used to its capacity. MOTI currently in early stages of releasing various flavors of the pre-filled pods. MOTI vapes offers an odor free alternative to cigarettes.

MOTI Morals

Two young men co-founded MOTI when they combined their knowledge of engineering, product design, vaping, and the mission to find the best alternative for cigarettes. Although there are many portable vaping pod devices on the market, the MOTI men wanted to craft, create and conceive a device that was both quality and affordable. After years of research and knowledge the MOTI was born.


MOTI Vape was started by ex smokers, with the mission of making lives better and smell way better than cigarettes. Currently, MOTI is run by a team of designers, software engineers, scientists, customer service reps, and more. We are on a mission to build the best alternative to cigarettes.

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