MOTI Mission Statement

Our idea is set out on doing what we can to help improve the lives of the global smoking epidemic by creating an alternative to the bad smelling cigarettes. MOTI was founded by a group of former cigarette smokers that constantly dealt with family members being upset about the smell that was left behind from that habit. The founders of the MOTI tried traditional vaping but it’s just too complicated and weighs you down when you are on the goal. MOTI wanted to create something to use with ease as well as very portable like the size of a flash drive. Through many months and long nights the MOTI vape device was born and through it’s rigorous testing it has propelled as one of leading devices in the pod mod category of vaping.

MOTI Dedication

Our team understands that the world of vaping, pods, e cigs, and various smoking alternative is the constant topic of debate amongst governments of all sizes. We are open to having a stream of conversation so that we can better inform our community of MOTI friends.

MOTI Purpose

Our team of investors, businessmen, designers, engineers, web developers; honestly believe that using MOTI can have an impact of positivity when used amongst cigarette smokers but of course can have a negative impact when used by non smokers. We do not want you to buy a MOTI if you currently do not smoke cigarettes. That is not the MOTI Purpose.

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