MOTI Launched Stop Smoking Campaign Globally

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MOTI cares about smokers’ health, both physically and mentally. We want to be a mentor and guide to those who attempt to quit smoking.


Starting this week, MOTI will launch the "My Last Cigarette 2020" Quit Smoking Campaign to encourage smokers to restrain the cigarettes in 2020.We want to empower smokers to fight for a healthier and better lives without cigarettes.



Surprisingly, we have received more than 200 smokers' vows to quit smoking. We are very touched by everyone's determination to quit smoking for their health and the benefits of their families.  



We totally understand the difficulties in stopping smoking completely. In the coming weeks, we will share effective quitting knowledge to boost your motivation and to ensure that they have everything they need to quit smoking to the best possible.



Author: MOTI Official

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