Moti One Review: Is it Really Just One Step?

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Build quality and design


The Moti One is a device that fits ever-so-comfortably in the hand. It’s got a flattened oval-like form and it slips into the pocket without adding much bulk. It measures 28 mm x 14.4 mm x 66.8 mm. The Moti One has a smooth satin finish on a zinc-alloy body with a decent amount of heft for its size, though I wouldn’t call it heavy. With a full pod, it weighs about 52 grams. To put it simply, the Moti One is solid!

There’s not a whole lot going on with the device though. It takes a regular micro USB charge, and it has a button for turning it on—just a simple five-click—but the button is fairly small. It’s not too difficult to turn it on, but I wouldn’t want to have to do it all the time. Of course, turning it off may be a good thing to prevent any possibility of an auto-fire, but I’ve had no issues in that department. Ultimately, this device is like a Renova Zero in a different body—though I didn’t appreciate the Zero as much as I do the Moti One.

Moti One pods


As mentioned, the Moti One is very similar to the Renova Zero. They have the same type of magnetic connection that uses magnets too weak to sustain a minor drop without the pods flying out of the housing. It’s an annoying feature in my book. Also, the fill-system and coil appear to be the same as the Renova Zero, although Moti is not calling it a press-to-fill, and they’re not calling the coils CCELL. Moti calls the ceramic coils “Meta Tech”, advertised as having a “pure taste.”

Moti includes a refillable plastic bottle for filling the Moti One. You don’t have to use it, but it’s got one of the best tips for pressing in the refill mechanism without wasting much juice. If you’ve ever used the Zero, you’ll know that this type of filling system has its advantages and disadvantages.

The good side of the filling mechanism is that it’s simple. It’s also less likely to leak juice since the port is sealed until pressed in. The problem that I have with this design on any device is that I tend to swap juices a lot, but you can’t easily empty the pod with this type of refill system. Furthermore, some droppers—like glass and wide-tip unicorn bottles—struggle to fill the pods without causing a spill. Even if using the bottle that came with the Moti, you’re still going to have to wipe a tiny bit of juice away from the fill port—but it’s really just a drop.

On the plus side, the pods are dark-tinted but you can see your entire juice level. Even in a relatively dark room, all you need is a tiny bit of light and you can get a clear picture of exactly how much juice is left.



The Moti One may have similar features as the Renova Zero, but it performs better. The draw is a tad bit looser than a tight MTL, but I wouldn’t call this a loose MTL either. It’s right between tight and loose, which should satisfy both camps.

The Moti One has a substantial but non-aggressive throat hit when using high strength juice. The flavor is average though, which is fine by me because I don’t use little devices like this for flavor chasing. It isn’t bad by any means—unlike many coils I tried last year that tasted like cardboard. The flavor on the Moti One is accurate, just not very pronounced.

The most impressive part of this device is that it can keep up with high VG juice and not miss a beat switching over to high PG. I’ve used everything from Halo Tribeca (> 50% PG) to Dinner Lady nic salts (50/50) all the way up to old school Alien Visions Gorilla Juice which is north of 90% VG. When I used the high VG, I did give the ceramic coil extra time to saturate, and I also force fed it by plugging the bottom airhole on the pod and taking stiff draws. Although the wick holes inside of the chimney look like they aren’t large enough to wick high VG, in my experience the Moti One has been awesome in wicking whatever juice I throw at it! The break in, if there is any, is minimal.

I’ve tried around five pods, vaping them until needing a refill, and they’ve all performed equally well. I’ve refilled one pod several times in the past few weeks and it’s still performing as it did in the beginning. There hasn’t been any juice spitting, gurgling, or popping. The Moti One vapes quietly too, which I really appreciate. As for leaking, the only time I’ve had to wipe any juice away from the pod is during a botched refill. Other than that, the Moti One hasn’t given me any problems, and the performance has been pleasurable. The ceramic keeps up without giving dry hits, even on long or successive drags.

Battery life and charging


The battery life is 350 mAh which is par for the course. Still, not all 350 mAh vapes last the same amount of time for various reasons. On one refill, you can vape the pod down to empty and still have battery life left. In total, I’ve been able to get through almost two pod fills before needing to charge the battery.

Charging the device happens at the bottom of the One. It’s a standard micro USB port. Although I prefer USB-C, it may be a while still before that’s the norm—if it ever happens.

Pros / Cons

  • Solid build quality
  • Ergonomic with a nice finish
  • Nice MTL draw that’s not too lose nor too tight
  • Can take long drags or multiple hits without a dry taste
  • Vapes quietly
  • Can handle high PG up to high VG
  • Refill system prevents major leaking
  • Dark-tinted pods clearly show juice levels
  • Refill system prevents emptying out juice
  • Weak magnets can’t sustain a minor drop



The Moti One is a simple yet solid device. Overall, it’s made well and performs better than average. I’ve really enjoyed using high VG juice, which is something I rarely do in a small MTL pod vape. Although I’m not a fan of press-to-fill and I deeply despise weak magnets like the ones on the Moti One, those cons have not stopped me from reaching for the device when I need something reliable. The other night when I was about to start reading in bed, I grabbed the Moti One instead of the Suorin Air Plus to end the night. Making it into that part of my routine means a lot because I don’t take vapes to bed with me that I don’t trust. Hopefully the Moti One continues to perform how it has so far.


Author: Jeremy Mann from Vaping 360

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