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Moti Vape contacted me after seeing my reviews on the forum as well as on my Instagram profile and asked me to review their device for them. They are not on the forum as far as i know and there are no suppliers of their devices in SA yet but thought it would be nice to review their product for them in anycase so here goes.

Item Name :
 MOTI Starter Kit – Pod device
Manufacturer: MOTIVape
Website: https:
Cost: R410 (Converted from US to Rand)
NicSalt used: All Day Vapes Choc Mint Shake 50/50pgvg In refillable pods
Strength : 12mg

***DISCLAIMER*** This device was supplied to me by MOTIvape for the purpose of reviewing the product for them and providing my personal feedback and opinion of this device. I’m not being paid for this review and this review is my own opinion and views.

So first up are the unboxing pictures



Back of the packaging is nice and detailed with contents, warnings etc



Pod Connection pins and magnets


Charger port


The tobacco pod, Pods all include little caps that allows the user to seal them when not being used which is clever


Slight pod leakage from a new pod (Only had this issue on the tobacco pod, the other pods had no leakage)


Very nicely put together and detailed manual.


All the different flavor pods


Refillable Pod - Very similar design to the Vladdin RE Pods




Here you can see the bottom white part of the coil going from a white to a almost invisible white as the liquid wicks.


What’s inside the box you ask?

1x MOTI Device
1x Refillable Pod
1x Usb Charging Cable
1x Quick Guide manual

Technical specifications are also important, so here they are:

  • Dimensions: 115mm x 20mm x 10mm
  • Weight: 18 grams
  • Battery: 500mAh
  • Max Power: 12Watt
  • Output Voltage: 3.5V
  • Charging Current: 0.2-0.4A

  • Puffs per juice tank: Up to 650-800
  • Capacity: 1.8mL Juice
  • Resistance Range: 1.2Ω - 1.5Ω
  • Coil Type : 6th-generation honeycomb ceramic core
  • Pods: Pre-filled for MOTI closed system & Refillable pods

So, what do I think about this device? Good question!

The device comes neatly packaged in a very small and thin box with some detailed technical specifications on the back. Inside the box the device, pod, USB cable and manual are all neatly packaged. 

The supplied manual is easy to follow and very detailed which is not seen too often. The kit that was supplied to me is the refillable kit that comes with one empty refillable pod. MOTI sells two kits, one with prefilled pods or refillable pods which is a great option. 

The device is sort of pre-charged from the box as I just inserted a pod and was vaping in less than a minute after opening. There is no setup required, it’s as simple as inserting the prefilled pod and vaping or filling the refillable pod, waiting till its primed and you are good to go.


I like the looks; the button less sleek design is great. I personally like the way the pods are designed with the clear plastic visible out the top with visible liquid inside of the pod. The device feels and looks elegant and expensive. It’s not big device and is easy to hold and carry around or store in your pocket while not being used.


Minimal parts are used to construct the MOTI device which to me makes it far less prone to parts failure.



The MOTI device comes in a whole range for different and great colors to select from:


The pods as mentioned previously are either prefilled or refillable which I think it great as this gives vapers the option to just pop in a prefilled flavour and vape or giving the choosier vaper the option to fill pods with their own preferred brand of juice. 

The pods use a 6th-generation honeycomb ceramic core and as you all know, ceramic coils offer great flavour. I have tested several different flavour pods which I will break down below and had a good experiencing with all expect the mung bean….i don’t like this at all! Taste like grass to me, but maybe that’s how mung bean should taste and certain people like this profile. 

Overall the flavour on the pods are great and is up there in terms of flavour when compared to other devices like the Twisp Cue, Vladdin RE etc

Prefilled Pod Flavors – Quick flavour review


My personal favorite here, a very nice but strong tobacco that gives a nice throat hit which is what you want.

The menthol is nice and minty but not too much ice and tastes like spear mint or menthol smokes without the tobacco taste, Also another favorite.

Mung Bean
I don’t like this flavour at all, taste like grass and soil but I assume that there are people that like this flavour otherwise they wouldn’t have made it.

Mango Ice
Reminds me a lot of Nasty cushman’s mango but with extreme ICE, I battle to take more than 3 drags because it cools your throat so much, it feels like im getting brain freeze

Lemon Tea
A nice Lemon Ice that is sweet and reminds me of the Lipton iced tea. The ice isn’t too hectic and is quite a refreshing flavour leaving your lips feeling cold and icy.

Watermelon Ice
The watermelon here is a realistic fresh watermelon that’s not overly sweet and also just the right amount of ice and tastes great.

Refillable Pod Flavor and usage

The refillable pods are very similar to the vladdin RE using the same type of rubber seal and look. The mouthpiece pulls off from the pod and then the rubber grommet needs to be removed to fill the pod. There are two holes which is great as it helps air escape when filling without spilling. I waited around 1 min and the pod was ready to vape as you can see how the wick starts getting saturated with the liquid. I used my Choc Mint 12mg Nic salt which I test on all my pods and the flavour is great.

How’s the Vape?

Smooth and restrictive draw that is activated without having to push a button. The overall device and usage are real simple and nice without any issues. The pods are rated at 5% nic level and give a nice subtle throat hit that’s not overwhelming but also not too little to leave you feeling like you didn’t vape, this MOTI will give you that kick you need to satisfy any nic craving.


It’s a small device with a nicely sized battery at 500mAh which offers around a full day of casual vaping. The device charges fully in around an hour which is also great and lasts reasonably well for the person that just quit smoking and is using this device to replace smokes. Charging the device will illuminate the O in the MOTI logo and will turn off once fully charged.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty! The want to hears and the not’s!

My Pro's
  • Great battery life
  • Excellent flavour from the prefilled pods as well as the refillable pods
  • Nice looking design
  • Draw activated with illuminating LED when drawn
  • Easy refilling on the refillable pods
  • Prefilled and Refillable pods available
  • Tight MTL draw, not loose at all which I love
  • Simple and easy to use out of the box

My Cons's
  • Pods fit loosely and not snug so there is slight movement
  • Slight pod leakage, A brand new pod I opened had already leaked while sealed.
  • Certain Prefilled flavours are extreme ICE….like super cold! A little too much, I think.

My Verdict???
I like the MOTI device not only for its looks and the battery size but for the flavourful pods. The ability to buy a range of prefilled pods with flavours to please everyone is great but the option of refillable pods is even better.

Would I buy one or recommend one? If they become available in SA, I would recommend this device to any smoker that wants to quit, its great with a variety of flavours that taste great, are easy to use and last long.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my detailed review of the Moti Vape pod device, Leave a comment or a like if you want and lets have a chat! 

Author: Stompie

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