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A few days ago I received a package from MOTI team. Before I wrote this blog, I had introduced a number of products from MOTI, a leading e-cigarette brand. Their products are good for those who are looking for cessation tools to stop smoking.


I unwrapped the package and was very excited to spot a new product called MOTI PIIN, 2 medical disposable masks, a pendant with “Smoking Kills” inscription and an emblem writing My Last Cigarette2020.

MOTI PIIN, the latest disposable pod, is quite popular in Europe and other parts of the world. Since I've participated in MOTI’s previous events and had won a giveaway from MOTI, I was thrilled that I won it again this time! But before we discuss this product, I’d like to tell you a story behind this package.


No Smoking Day Campaign, My Last Cigarette in 2020


Starting with a short message in the messenger about the stop smoking campaign, I clicked the link attached to the campaign and went onto the relevant page. It turned out that MOTI UK branch was holding a No Smoking Day campaign.The campaign is a great idea because MOTI is always active in launching influential campaigns to help smokers stop smoking and switch to vaping that is a better alternatives than cigarettes.

I am really interested in such meaningful campaign, so I decided to participate in it to support MOTI and help more people to quit smoking. Luckily, I was finally selected as one of the participants who was entitled to get a gift package from the campaign. The gift packaged is as I mentioned above. I am so grateful and glad to receive the gifts, especially the masks because it is hard to purchase them in my home town due to the COVID-19 pandemic.




As a disposable pod intended for single use, MOTI PIIN is a product that is quite cool and extraordinary compared to most disposable pods on the market.


  • Handyand Cute Design, Advanced Technology

MOTI PIIN comes with a design that is like a crayon, cute, handy, compact, portable and easy to hold. It provides a comfortable grip sensation and is covered with high-quality material that is not slippage, which leaves users good impression that it is a premium disposable vape.

Besides, MOTI PIIN has also applied the latest Ceramic Heating technology to the pod system. In this way, it provides maximum combustion and does not produce excess heat, which is certainly safe from overheating.


  • Large Battery and E-Liquid Capacity

As a disposable pod intended for single-use, MOTI PIIN is a vape suitable for those who want to travel. With the support of a 320 mAh battery capacity and 1.8 ml of built-in e-liquid storage, MOTI PIIN is strong and durable enough, allowing you to take it with you on vacation or stay outside for 3-4 days without any charging concerns.


  • DiverseFlavors

MOTI PIIN has many flavors that we can enjoy, including Classic Tobacco, Banana Frost, Blueberry Parfait, Grape Ice, Jasmine Tea, Menthol Tobacco, Mung Bean, Pineapple Ice, Tropical Mango, and Yogurt Drink. A variety of options give us the freedom to choose any taste we like!

If you have smoked, maybe you will get used to MOTI PIIN. This product carries a fairly diverse range of flavors and the nicotine contained is just 5 percent. It’s a good choice for those who want to quit smoking gradually.

In addition, the e-liquid inside is tasty and aromatic. And the intensity of the combustion is not too high compared to others normal vapes, so you won't be surprised by the smoke intensity produced by MOTI PIIN or have a strong throat hit when vaping.


Wrap It Up

In my opinion, it is really worthwhile for you to try MOTI Piin, especially for those who are indeed a vaper or desire to stop smoking! MOTI PIIN is helpful to make you get rid of smoking step by step. As it is at low nicotine levels, you will not be too addictive. Furthermore, MOTI PIIN is also a disposable pod that makes us not have to bother buying other components and additional e-liquid, that’s really convenient and time-effective.



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