Single to mingle: Reasons to Date Someone Who Vapes

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What did you do on Valentine’s Day? Going out to dinner and/or seeing a movie are two obvious options if those are available to you. However, maybe you’re not dating anyone at the moment. Are you single and ready to date? Are you looking to improve the state of your current relationship?

One big issue that may get you out of a relationship is smoking habits. This bad habit may be difficult to control, but it is also something to watch out for potential partners. Smoking poses many health problems, including an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, and the risk of death from lung cancer. Cigarette smokers also smell poorly right after they light up and take frequent breaks away from the activities that two people try to enjoy together.

For me, I personally hate spending so much time with smokers because the smell of the cigarette makes me really sick. The smell of cigarettes on my body can easily be mistaken for me as a smoker, which is very disturbing to me.


Vapers can be gentle

Women find smokers unattractive


A study from the UK published by supplemental oxygen company Inogen found that: Amongst more than 1,000 single adults, 70 percent of women are repelled by smokers, and 56 percent of women said they wouldn't date a smoker. Amongst male respondents, 46 percent wouldn't date someone who smokes, and 65 percent claimed that smoking was unattractive.

If you asked the research respondents why they wouldn't consider a smoker for a date, ninety-one percent referenced the smell of cigarette smoke while 75 percent referenced the risks of secondhand smoke.

Kiss a vaper without a nasty aftertaste


To be honest, smokers have an unpleasant smell that’s hard to get rid of when you kiss them. A kind smoker may carry all types of mints and breath sprays but most of all just don’t have the time. So, they won’t take into consideration that you might not want to taste a bad smell when you kiss them. Instead, when kissing with vaper, you will be curious about the fresh fruity taste in their mouth.


Having a vaper beside you


Girls who vape are far more attractive than girls who smoke, while guys who vape are more entertaining. Vaping attracts girls that have invested in that expensive perfume to attract that special guy without having to worry about a bad smelling. With all those girls vaping, surely they’ll be more interested in a guy who vapes, not smokes.


Vapers are considerate

Being considerate is being polite and caring. Vapers cares more about their lovers, because they think more about lovers. They don't want to have a bad smell on themselves nor the yellow teeth when they laugh, which will disturb others. Vapers always want to act their best to their lovers, and people like it when vapers are considerate of their feelings.


Vapers are open to trying new things


Trying something new often requires courage. And needing to summon courage is itself a benefit. Vapers are always keen to try different devices, different e-liquids, and different vape tricks. When you try new things, you’ll realize that new experiences are life-changing.

Vapers have better finance condition


Vape pens may be an investment and keeping inventory on your favorite e-liquid is a task, but in general vaper has much money to buy these equipments. Girls love to date rich men because they make them to lead a very happy and stress less life.

Switch now and try vaping!

While that’s cute for a giggle, there seems to be a small, quiet battle between smokers and vapers. When it comes down to picking someone to go out with, especially that special Valentine, there are more reasons to pick someone who vapes over someone who smokes.


For singles, eliminating the smoking habit is a must for increasing chances to date different types of people. If you're looking for a top-notch option to get started, we'd like to introduce you to the electronic cigarette brand MOTI. We will gladly get you set up with the right e-cigarette and accessories.


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