Switching to vape? Several ways you need to know to help emission reduction

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Climate change has triggered an array of impacts that severely affects human, as well as animals on earth.

When CO2 (carbon dioxide) is released into the atmosphere, it forms a blanket that prevents heat from escaping. Eventually, this leads to one of the most dreaded impacts of climate change: a hotter world. Aside from an alarming shift in animal and plant ranges, higher temperatures cause intense heat waves, crop failures, etc.

According to a report from UCSUSA, the hottest daily temperatures occurring in a specific year in the United States could increase by at least 10°F by the end-of-century if we fail to stop the carbon emissions soon. As a result, glaciers and ice sheets will melt, and ocean water will expand.

Over 70,000 fires have been reported in Brazil's Amazon rainforest since January, according to the country's National Institute for Space Research. The environmental minister, Ricardo Salles said the fires were a result of dry weather, wind, and heat.


While mega-storms such as Hurricane Harvey used to occur once in every hundred years, it now occurs every sixteen years.

Multiple factors such as an increased amount of natural fuel, compounding atmospheric conditions associated with global warming led to a series of destructive 2018 California wildfire season -- the most destructive wildfire season ever recorded in the state, with a total of 8,527 fires burning an area of 1,893,913 acres.

Climate change plays a vital role in creating South Africa’s worst drought since 1910, with some wildlife having a greater disadvantage than others.

Animals such as waterbuck, warthog, buffalo, and hippo suffer the most in these conditions, given that they are dependent on large bodies of water for life resources, as well as protection. On top of that, the below-average rainfall puts a lot of pressure on these animals.

How Can We Help?

Swedish teenage environmental activist on climate change Greta Thunberg spearheads a campaign that has garnered international recognition. At 15, she began spending her school days outside the Swedish parliament to demand stronger action on global warming.


For instance, make your commute to work eco-friendly by taking public transportation. People driving to work daily produce greenhouse gases that destroy the atmosphere. Alternatively, you can ride your bike to work or school to cut-out emissions.

Aside from that, you can be more conservative when it comes to energy usage. Vote for legislation and politicians who fight against climate change. Invest in recycling for an inexpensive and eco-friendly process to eliminate waste.

People who harm themselves, others and the environment by smoking traditional cigarettes can switch to using e-cigarettes. In the United States, cigarette smoking dropped 25 percent and the use of cigars and pipes reduced too.


Smoking is harmful to the environment. If people smoking marijuana, tobacco or other herbs switch to vaping, it would save the Earth 85,000 tons of air pollution, which is equivalent to half of the air pollution caused by 263.6 million vehicles in the U.S.

Some E-cig giants like MOTI employed the Ceramic Coil Heating Technology inside,

The stable temperature and heat condition closely simulates the burning of traditional cigarette, which guarantee the taste and throat striking feeling. The Ceramic Coil empowers MOTI products vaporize MOTI pods juice at a relatively lower temperature where does not generate harmful material like Hydrocarbons chemicals. Moreover, an e-cigarette doesn't contain tar like a traditional cigarette. Instead, they offer various fresh flavour to eliminate the bad smelling from smoking. Positive effects highlighted in the January NASEM report indicate that e-cigarettes may be:

  • Less harmful than regular cigarettes
  • As compared to a traditional cigarette, an e-cig has lower levels of substances that may cause harm to the body
  • More importantly, e-cigarettes help those struggling with an addiction to quit or reduce smoking traditional cigarettes

The impacts of climate change are the most urgent issues faced by humanity. Note that saving the environment is our duty.


Author:MOTI Official

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