Intense Rap show "Just Rap It" successfully held in New Zealand

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Watch out, this Wednesday night was pure fire with some of the hottest up-coming rappers from China (Rap of China) and South Korea, battling it out for the crown Who do you think has what it takes?


The battle of some local talented Chinese and Korean rappers going down on Wednesday 23rd October starting at 8pm, the event was bustling with noise and excitement. This rap event was hosted by Face Club, which is located in the most prosperous area of Auckland City and is the most popular nightclub by asian people.


As a sponsor of this event, MOTI sent many pods as gifts at the scene. During the competition, the representative of MOTI also took the stage to introduce MOTI to everyone. The audience showed great interest in MOTI, and many people went to experience and try MOTI products during the event.


Rappers for the battle:


* Michael
* Young Ghost
* Cashlin
* Bobby
* Sangteng


* Lucas
* Stay Home
* Minki Cho


Who could take the crown finally? Well, that's up to the audience to decide. The result of a battle was determined by comparing the audience's voices for different rappers. After fierce fighting and multiple rounds of competition, [THNWWV] persisted to the end and won the championship tonight.


Author:MOTI Official

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