MOTI globally Launches MOTI ONE with ultimate flavor solution

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MOTI, the leading vaping brand, announced the release of the MOTI ONE, its an compact product with ultimate flavor solutions to date, offering all-round performance in an elegant and stylish package.

Powered by Meta Tech

MOTI ONE adopts advanced Meta Tech heating technology to ensure each drop of e-liquid is evenly heated for great taste. Each element of the MOTI ONE is assigned a specific function which combines to offer unparalleled flavor, paired with cutting-edge sophistication all-housed within a strikingly modern pod. In other words, Meta tech cashes in on the latest technology to provide superior taste and sensorial convenience.

Designed for Convenience and ultimate flavour

Housed within the MOTI ONE’s robust luxury design is the company’s simple ‘One-Step’ filling system. The quick and easy filling system means delivery of instant enjoyment and unparalleled experience for users.

”The size of moti one just fits your hand, the  Auto-power adjusting design means it will adjusting the power to battery itself, the mouthpiece is just right with a flat design....” said by Vernand, the CEO  of the top vape review YouTube channel-vaperstuff.

The POD is made using medical grade PCTG for higher durability and enhanced heat resistance. It features a ceramic coil for ultimate nicotine satisfaction. Moreover,  Auto-power adjusting design can intelligently adjust the heating status by controlling the output power. Born from thousands of harsh experimental tests, MOTI one device can precisely make the best taste of different e-liquids.

Colors and Specifications

Users can get the MOTI ONE in six highly appealing color options including Silver, Iron Black, Deep Blue, Rose, Sunrise, and Forest. The device has dimensions of 28.0x14.4x66.8mm, which ensures users can carry it everywhere for ultimate convenience. 

Furthermore, it features a refillable tank with 1.85ML capacity and offers resistance of 1.0 ohm. The device draws its juices from a non-removable 350mAh battery and has a charging current of 0.3A. Aside from a refillable pod, MOTI ONE has a filling slot, an easy-to-access on/off button and a micro USB port. Moreover, the device can stand the test of time and comes at a price that won’t break the bank. Retailing online and offline, the MOTI ONE goes on globally sale in November.


Author:MOTI Official


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