MOTI Impressed Indonesian Consumers at Vape Fair Indonesia 2019

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Vape Fair Indonesia 2019 is the biggest vape event in Southeast Asia. With the support of many local and international parties, this event has participation of tens of thousands visitors and has become a milestone for vape industry growth in Southeast Asia.

On September 7th and 8th , Moti team brought its new products to attend this event and had a very successful showcase of our brand at the event. To attract consumers, we invited big local influencers including fazrinnuza and araqueen to display our products. They also helped promote our brand in their social media channels.


During the event, the majority of the people who came to our booth were looking for e-liquids with unique flavors. They were also interested in knowing more about tank e-cigarette.

We planned a fun, great afternoon for all attendees. For instance, we hosted two games: Mario Party and Spin&Win. The winners received MOTI kit and other MOTI branded products such as MOTI t-shirt and power bank. The games successfully attracted hundreds of people to visit our booth and actively engaged with us.


In the end, we did a giveaway of 100 MOTI products. People crazily gathered around and queued up for the free goodies. People laughed loud and really enjoyed the events.



In conclusion, MOTI had a great presence at the Vape Fair Indonesia. We showcased our latest products and had a fun time with our fans. We also gained a significant amount of instagram followers after the fair. MOTI takes the Indonesian market very seriously. We sincerely hope Indonesian consumers love MOTI and we would have a great performance in the market.


Author:MOTI Official

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