MOTIMOJO Officially Released: Can this vape with irregular design become the trend this year?

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The First Green Product Award Nominated E-cig Product
Have you always been thinking disposable vapes are not environmental-friendly? MOTI has been trying to make a positive change! MOTI proudly announces that we have been selected in the finalist for the 2020 Green Product Award by the the German Green Product Award Organizing Committee.
MOTIMOJO is the first e-cigarette brand to be nominated for this award!Look into this World's First Green Product award-winning E-cig now.


The Secret of Exquisite Smooth Taste: Polymer Cotton

How can MOTIMOJO achieve an exquisite smooth taste? The secret is: polymer cotton.

It features hollow cavities inside the fiber that maintains more oil molecules and ensures smooth oil transferring by rendering a stable oil supply. You will be amazed by the rich flavors!

Perfect Combination of Mathematics and Art

Bored of the same design? MOTIMOJO debuts a innovative design that you have never seen before!

Imagine a product crafted with unique mathematics aesthetic design, having made great breakthroughs in appearance! The shape design challenges irregular surface modeling and incorporates streamlined curve elements.

MOTIMOJO also embraces the masterpiece of art OLOID, innovated by German architect PaulSchatz. Oloid is a perfect scrollable art beauty, having been applied in many things in life, such as modern architecture, super vehicles, jewelry, etc.

Slide to the second picture to see the scrollable creation!

The Precise oil & Battery Proportion

MOTI has conducted massive inhaling experiments to finally scale the oil capacity at 250mAh and battery volume at 1.6ml. This golden ratio perfectly solves the problem of “dry hit”.  MOTIMOJO releases your struggles with a burnt vape taste!

Made From Eco-Friendly Food-Grade Material

MOTIMOJO employs PCTG material to eliminate the negative effect in the environment. Moreover, this food-grade material gives you 100% safety! #MOTI actively undertake corporate social responsibility aiming to create an environmentally friendly world.

Perfect touch and feel!

MOTIMOJO has perfect touch and feel! We’ve tested grip behaviors for thousands of times in the MOTI Lab and finally we have a product with excellent comfort. The ergonomically designed MOTIMOJO seamlessly fits your palm and bring an exquisite touch.


Author: MOTI Official


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